How to bustle a wedding dress

When trying to decide how to bustle a wedding dress there are a few factors to think about.

  • How heavy is the train? If the train has a bit of weight to it you are going to want a number of points to bustle, so that all the weight is not concentrated on one hook or one area of fabric.
  • Can the hooks for the bustle blend in with the lace, or if the dress doesn’t have any lace, how can you hide the hooks in the dress?

This particular dress had a heavy train. For that reason I did a three point bustle, also I used two hooks for each point just for an extra measure of stability, like this.

The hook and eye sets I usually order from like this. (Click image of hook and eyes to be redirected to sales page)

As you can tell from this next picture, when the train is down you can see the hooks for the bustle because they are hidden in the lace.

How to bustle a wedding dress

Looking at the close up few you can see the hooks sewn onto the lace but they weren’t noticable from a distance. The main concern is that you don’t want the hooks to show when the bride is walking down the aisle or in the pictures.

Also note that when sewing in these hooks sew through all the layers of material to the underskirt. This is so that when the dress gets bustled all the layers come up with it, and also because the underlining is much more stable than the tulle so sewing through the layers prevents the tulle from bearing the weight of the train.

This dress had a three point bustle, because I sewed two hooks for each point there were a total of 6 sets of hook and eyes.

For the most part there is no right or wrong way to bustle a dress. Be creative. Just make sure you use enough hooks to hold the weight of the dress.